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The MEDIAREJ platform is the first European platform promoting an experiential and humanistic vision of restorative justice training. It is available for professionals, trainers, and facilitators

The MEDIAREJ project, which started as an idea at the end of 2019, is a great work of research and common construction, the result of dialogue with trainers from all over the world The purpose of the platform is to share this fascinating work and keep the heritage alive. We want to keep this heritage alive and we need you to test and disseminate the resources produced. We are convinced that the quality work of the MEDIAREJ project can represent a treasure for restorative justice facilitators and mediators. In this platform, we provide the fruits and seeds of the project, the intellectual products so that you can use them and experiment in your activity as a mediator or trainer. If you do so, we’d love to have your feedback, telling us what you discovered, what happened and maybe even if you’ve made any adaptations or have any suggestions to enrich the product.


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Your experiences can be, in fact, an inspiration for those who will read you. Your feedback will be important to us, a precious gift that will make this mine of resources and content come alive. The invitation we extend to users is for engagement as not so much stakeholders but as community holders to increase communities of practice not only professionally but as a way of life.

Project Number: 2020-1-IT02-KA204-080081

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